All our soaps are handmade, 4 x 3+ inches,  and weigh 4+ ounces. Our formulas are soothing and moisturizing to your skin. Then we add our scents and other desired properties to each loaf. No soap leaves here without a sample test of each loaf to ensure it lathers, moisturizes, and smells as we intended. We are sure that our soap will make you as happy as it makes you clean!
Special order requests will be done with a minimum upfront payment of 50% of the cost of that loaf (scents and oils differ in cost). Please allow two weeks of additional time until shipment as requested scents will need to be acquired and then they will need ample cure time.
One last note, it is important that you keep your handmade soap where it can drain and dry between uses. Since our handmade soaps are free of chemicals they will soften if allowed to stay wet. We recommend a soap tray that drains and have those available to include in your purchase under our miscellaneous tab.  
Any order of the same five or more bars will receive a 10% discount. A loaf order (10 bars total) will receive the same 10% discount. We have several companies that order and have their soaps privately labeled. Please email if you are interested in that option.