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Us at the Governor's Mansion

Meet scott & Alisa

My husband and I are the perfect compliments of one another in so many areas of our life. We love the outdoors, getting away in our motorhome or houseboat, hiking, etc. We are very active in our community with our latest project being the Humane Society of Independence County. We are also "parents" to three, very spoiled, dogs-Abby an 8-pound Schnauzer, Shadow an 80-pound lab, Sir Remington our 80-pound rescue Great Dane mix, and Dozer Dog, our latest rescue at 70 pounds.
Throw in family and friends and that makes this such a fun, happy experience!
As a Nurse Practitioner, health, wellness, and safety have always been the mainstay of my lifestyle. The detail to cleanliness, the precise measurements, etc. play to my “perfectionist” nature!
As an Attorney, my husband oversees the business aspect and has the visions for making things happen. He also makes sure we are on the up and up!
Our children, grandchildren, and other family members, along with our dear friend Michelle, have all tirelessly become human guinea pigs with all the testing, feedback, etc. that go with ensuring our products are nothing but the best.
All of these contributions play a vital part in ensuring the quality and success of our products while making it all fun!
We LOVE producing products that people enjoy day in and day out <3 
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